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College Softball Teams by State

(Updated for 2022) If you want to play on a college softball team, you should probably be looking in California, Pennsylvania, or New York. However, if you’re looking specifically for Junior College teams, you should be focusing on Illinois and Texas. The states with the most D1 softball programs are California, New York, and Texas. … Read more

The Truth About Rejection by Elite Colleges

I think that the greatest unacknowledged truth in college admissions is that if you’re good enough to get into an Ivy League school then you are good enough to handle being rejected by them. What am I talking about? Let’s start with the joke that in order to get into the elite universities, high school … Read more

309 NCAA D1 Baseball Schools

(See the end for the updated list for 2022) When high school baseball players start thinking of playing at the college level, they naturally start with the NCAA D1 baseball schools. NCAA D1 is the most competitive for baseball and provides the most scholarships. Yet it might not be the right division based on their athletic abilities and … Read more

204 Men’s D1 Soccer Colleges

(See the list for 2022 at the bottom.) There are 204 NCAA D1 soccer colleges for men in the United States according to the Office of Postsecondary Education (OPE). The NCAA allows colleges to offer a maximum of 9.9 scholarships for men’s D1 soccer teams which is less than the 12 allowed by the NAIA and the … Read more

297 NCAA D1 Softball Colleges

High school softball players looking to compete at the highest level in college will be targeting NCAA Division 1 colleges and universities. These schools offer the most scholarships and the most competitive level of play and is the second largest of the NCAA softball divisions. A list of all D1 softball colleges is at the end of … Read more

What are My Chances of Getting a Softball Scholarship?

As softball players start deciding which gold teams to aim for, they’ll start asking themselves what their chances are of getting a softball scholarship. And if they aren’t, I’m sure as parents start to pull out their checkbooks to pay for playing on these teams, they’re considering the question. After all, it would be nice … Read more

10 Avoidable Financial Mistakes Parents Make When Planning for College

We have all heard the horror stories of college graduates with staggering debt and little hope of repaying it before retiring. The obvious cause of the problem is the seemingly ever-increasing cost of college. But here’s the thing. When you read the stories about graduates struggling with student loans after graduation, you’ll almost always see … Read more

Before Your Teen Applies to College, Make Sure You’ve had “The Talk”

As families approach the college planning process, there’s one thing they need to do before anything else and that is have “the talk.” I know, parents have been putting it off because it can be embarrassing. Who wants to discuss such potentially intimate details with their teenagers? Besides, you’re pretty sure the school counselors have … Read more

What You Need to Know About ROTC Scholarships

(The following is a guest post by Dr. Kuni Beasley. ROTC scholarships offer more money than most National Merit Scholarships and can be used at more institutions.) Most people do not know about ROTC scholarships.  Indeed, most high school counselors and most professional consultants know little about them… if at all.  The Army, Navy (includes … Read more