Summer College Admission Prep Tips

student leaning against college sign representing summer college admission prep tipsHigh school students are busy, very busy these days. From music lessons, to sports, to social justice causes, students are always on the go. Junior year tends to be the busiest with high level curriculum, first jobs, and the demand for leadership positions within clubs and activities.

Within this busy time, juniors are also thinking about college and what schools might make their final list. If your child has a list and is thinking about what to do in relation to this list…amazing! If they are in the beginning stages, that is fine too.

The summer before the senior year is an important time to work towards crossing items off the large list of college admissions requirements. Here are some things you and your child can do in the summer months before senior year:

1. Visit colleges.

Some families work college visits into an existing family vacation. The summer months bring less stress and more time to enjoy a visit.

2. Start the Common or Coalition Application.

Colleges open their applications every year on August 1st. Many students will start important parts of these applications before then. Students can create an account and fill in general information at anytime. This information will rollover when college applications open in August.

3. Review essay options.

Whether it is the Coalition Application or the Common Application, most students will be required to write one main essay for their applications. The student should review the essay prompts and start the brainstorming process.

4. Take the SAT or the ACT or take a prep course.

College entrance exams are stressful. Can you imagine prepping for this exam in the midst of AP testing, state finals for track, and prom? I can’t. The summer is a good time to test or prep.

The more that happens over the summer, the less amount of stress it puts on a student in their (also busy) senior year. Rising seniors that complete the college admissions task in the summer will start their senior year with a sense of accomplishment.

Guest post by Emily Crawford, IEC, College Connectors, Minneapolis, Minnesota


Summer College Admission Prep Tips

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