50-50 Profile: Augustana College, IL

Augustana College IL campus
Augustana College-Private
Rock Island, Illinois
2,497 (all undergraduates)
Does College Size Matter?
2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

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2014-15 Accepted: 54%
4 Year Graduation Rate: 71%
5 Year Graduation Rate: 74%
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2014-15 Total Expenses: $50,698
Average Net Price 13-14: $24,651
Freshman Non-Federal Loans: 7%
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SAT Critical Reading: 640
SAT Math: 690
ACT: 29
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Common Data Set
Percent Freshman not in top quarter of class: 38%
Percent Freshman with GPA <3.50: 62.6%
Percent of Freshman Need Met: 87%
Percent of Non-Need Freshman Receiving Awards: 20.2%
Average Freshman Non-Need Award: $21,008

Class Schedule: Yes
Shows Class Capacity: Yes
Student to Faculty Ratios: Should they be part of your college rankings?

NCAA D3, College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin

Augustana College IL athletic teams

Reasons to consider Augustana College:
Scholarship Estimator
Knowlton Honors Program (Foundations and Logos options)
OSL Leadership Academy
Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center
Center for Study of Pluralism and the Civil Sphere
Center for the Study of Judaism and Jewish Culture
Center for Polar Studies
Centre for Whistler Criticism
Upper Mississippi Center

Scholarship Estimator,
Knowlton Honors Program (Foundations and Logos options),
OSL Leadership Academy,
Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center,
Center for Study of Pluralism and the Civil Sphere,
Center for the Study of Judaism and Jewish Culture,
Center for Polar Studies,
Centre for Whistler Criticism,
Upper Mississippi Center

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