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50-50 Highlights: Colleges for African-American Students

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Diverse Graduates showing colleges for African-American studentsThere are no Historically Black Colleges or Universities that meet the 50-50 criteria. I have created two tables of 50-50 schools that may be of use to African-American students or anyone looking for schools with more diversity.

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The first table lists the 50-50 colleges and universities that have ten percent or more of their full-time undergraduates identified as African-American. I included the six-year graduation rate for African-Americans since the four-year rate isn’t available. The total six-year rate is listed for comparison purposes.

The second table lists the 50-50 schools with the highest six-year graduation rate for African-Americans. Because so many schools had such a small percentage of African-American students, I included only schools that had 3% or more African-American students. I know, not a lot. I also excluded schools where more than 75% of students were listed as white. The idea was to avoid schools where the numbers were so small that they were likely to dramatically fluctuate from year to year.

A total of 14 schools made both lists. As usual, in identifying 50-50 schools, the four-year rate is used for private schools and the five-year rate for publics schools.

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50-50 Colleges with Highest Percentage of
African-Americans Undergraduates
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[table id=124 /]

50-50 Colleges with Highest African-American
6 Year Graduation Rates
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[table id=125 /]

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1 thought on “50-50 Highlights: Colleges for African-American Students”

  1. As an African-American and having worked with African-American families, I appreciate these lists, Michelle. Unfortunately, one of the stories it tells is that many African-American students that are counselled to public colleges should also consider small, liberal arts schools. Of the top 30 schools on African-American graduation rates list, only one is public and it is a specialty university. There are a variety of schools on the graduation list based on location, urban/rural and programs of study available.

    Some of these colleges may hold surprises for the applicant. For instance, Knox College, the second school on the graduation list, hosts the Association for Black Cultural Centers which serves as the organization for African-American student clubs and centers on college campuses throughout the country!

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