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50-50 Highlights: Why Not Create Your Own 50-50 List?

Boy with colors showing how to create your own custom college listIf you have ever taken a look at my explanation of 50-50 college, you know that they’re not actually 50-50. They’re really 49-49 with the second 49 depending on the type of school. Nonetheless, I justify calling it a 50-50 list and I’ve never had anyone complain.

Long time readers of this blog will know that on Thursdays I generally provide variations of the 50-50 list based on other readily available data. Readers have found some lists more interesting than others. The top ten visited 50-50 custom college lists for last year are as follows:

Seven of the topics are what I consider “money” topics including three of the top four. The fact the US News College Rankings Top 100 came in the top ten just goes to show no matter how much we try to ignore popularity contests and celebrity rankings, we just can’t help ourselves, myself included. The A+ Schools list makes sense but I’m just confounded by the Engineering list coming in fifth.

If you look at the lists people spent the most time on in the last year, you’ll some differences in the subjects.

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I think people spent more time on these lists because they were interested in specific colleges and were searching the list.

The point is that all of these custom college lists are limited by my preferences for 50-50 schools. I’m sure there are plenty of people who would have preferred the lists without one or both of the 50 restrictions. Or maybe they would have preferred to use one of the other 250 plus variables for comparing schools.

Well you can and I even show you how to download the data to do it yourself here. Or you can buy a spreadsheet with all of the data already entered for you so that all you have to do is start searching to create a custom college list that meets your needs.  Why am I charging you for something that I show you how to do for free? Because I know it will take you more than an hour to download and format all the data I include in the College Search spreadsheet. Check out a sample of the spreadsheet here or download a copy here.

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