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College Spreadsheets

College Search Spreadsheet

Start Creating Your Own Custom College Lists

Planning on using a spreadsheet to track your college search? Why not save yourself time and have it loaded with the data you’re going to be copying from college search sites anyway?

For $42, instead of copying information on SAT scores, admission rates, size, graduation rates, and so on for each college as you decide to include it in your search. Learn more.

Add to Cart Free Updates for 18 months-$42

College Athletic Spreadsheets

Find the colleges that will recruit you to play in college

baseball spreadsheet sampleThe fundamental fact of college recruiting is that you can’t be recruited if the coach doesn’t know that you exist. Gone are the days of a player being spotted at their local high school game. Too many players worry about colleges finding them.

What they need to do is to find the colleges that will want them.

But how do you decide from 100’s of colleges?

It’s a lot easier when you can:

  • Sort by Divisions and Conferences
  • You can search by ACT or SAT scores.
  • Check the total cost of attendance and the average net price by family income.
  • Look-up four and five-year graduation rates for four-year colleges along with admission rates.
  • Find basic school characteristics indicating the school culture.
  • Compare colleges’ financial commitment to your sport.

Instead of spending tedious hours looking up the information for the colleges from multiple websites and entering it into a spreadsheet, you could already be filtering the information based on your personal requirements.

You can download a sample spreadsheet for a limited number of baseball programs and see how it easy to use the data by clicking here. Or you can try the sample below. The spreadsheet is in Microsoft PC 2007 Excel format. You must have Microsoft 2011 for the Mac in order to use this file.

For just $24 you can download a spreadsheet containing all four-year and two-year programs sorted into divisions for the following sports:

Free Updates for 18 months

Add to Cart Baseball: 1,662 Two and Four-Year Programs-$24
Add to Cart Softball: 1,667 Two and Four-Year Programs-$24
Add to Cart Soccer: 1,642 Two and Four-Year Programs (men and women)-$24

The following sample spreadsheet contains all of the fields included in the full spreadsheets but not all of the schools.


15 thoughts on “College Spreadsheets”

    • Michelle,
      have you considered creating a version of this for lacrosse? I would be interested in purchasing. Or is there an easy way for me to create myself from one of the existing ones?

      • Hi Lisa,
        No spreadsheet for Lacrosse yet. Part of the problem is that it’s one of the fastest growing sports in college so the data lag in reporting matters. I do have some information:

        How Much do Colleges Spend on D1 Men’s Lacrosse Programs?
        How Much do Colleges Spend on D1 Women’s Lacrosse Programs?
        Women’s College Lacrosse Teams by State
        Men’s College Lacrosse Teams by State

        You can lookup information at http://ope.ed.gov/athletics/ to see if there is anything more recent.

        I do plan on adding other sports spreadsheets but I don’t expect to get to the data until the beginning of the year. If you have any questions on using the OPE data, let me know.


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