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D2 Softball Colleges and Conferences

Softball glove representing d2 softball programs(The list of colleges is at the end of the post.) Of the three NCAA divisions, D2 is the smallest for softball. The advantage of playing at a D2 college is that they still offer scholarships unlike D3 schools. While the number of scholarships may be fewer than those in D1, D2 softball college programs will likely have less intense demands on players’ time than D1 schools. This means players may be able to consider doing something else other than playing softball and attending class while in college.

D2 College Softball Locations

D2 is the smallest NCAA division in softball with 288 programs. However, in 19 states there are more D2 programs than D1 and D2 softball colleges outnumber D3 programs in 23 states. Pennsylvania has the most D2 Softball colleges with 22. North Carolina and California follow with 18 each. There are 13 states with 10 or more D2 softball colleges. Seven states don’t have any and another seven have only 1.

D2 College Softball Scholarships

Softball is an equivalency sport for scholarships which means that one scholarship may be split among several players. D2 softball colleges are allowed a maximum of 7.2 scholarships per team. CSS provides a breakdown by position on how coaches use scholarships in recruiting. You can see a difference in D1 and D2 player characteristics and skill level expectations at AthNet.

Average Expenses per Team

According to the Office of Postsecondary Education (OPE), in 2018 five D2 softball colleges have expenses of $600,000 or more.

Colleges with Expenses Greater than $600,000

  1. The Academy of Art University, CA $682,596
  2. Lindenwood University, MO $658,152
  3. Texas A&M University-Commerce $526,998
  4. University of North Alabama $605,777
  5. Florida Southern College $600,347

A total of 8 colleges had expenses less than $100,000. The average for all teams was $323,170.

Only one conference had an average expense of over $600,000.

Conferences with Highest Average Expenses

  1. Atlantic Sun Conference $605,777
  2. Florida Sun Conference $530,452
  3. East Coast Conference $516,306
  4. Sunshine State Conference $479,487
  5. Heartland Conference $444,497

Conferences with Lowest Average Expenses

  1. Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association $ 157,419
  2. Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference $189,336
  3. Eastern College Athletic Conference $216,825
  4. Mountain East Conference $241,592
  5. West Virginia Intercollegiate Athletic Conference $257,359

D2 College Softball Teams

The following data is from the OPE using the Equity in Athletics Data Analysis Cutting Tool. The information is from 2018 so the division and conference may not be current for schools. Check with the NCAA for the most recent listing of D2 softball programs. All of this data can be found in the DIY College Rankings Softball Spreadsheet.


NCAA D2 Softball Colleges with Expenses

D2 Softball Colleges and Conferences

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