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283 D2 Softball Colleges and Conferences

Softball glove representing d2 softball programs

D2 College Softball Teams

The following data is from the most recently available from the Office of Postsecondary Education using the Equity in Athletics Data Analysis Cutting Tool. The information is from 2019 so the division and conference may not be current for schools. Check with the NCAA for the most recent listing of D2 softball programs by conferences. All of this data can be found in the DIY College Rankings Softball Spreadsheet.

NCAA D2 Softball Colleges with Expenses

wdt_ID Name ST Type Conference 2019 Expenses Full-time Under-grads Total price for in-state students living on campus 2020-21
1 Auburn University at Montgomery AL Pub Gulf South Conference 357,638 3,374 20,870
2 Miles College AL Pri Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference 215,268 1,354 23,144
3 Spring Hill College AL Pri Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference 351,324 1,034 60,543
4 Tuskegee University AL Pri Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference 161,606 2,170 41,924
5 University of Alabama in Huntsville AL Pub Gulf South Conference 505,390 6,730 28,266
6 University of Montevallo AL Pub Gulf South Conference 397,007 1,998 27,720
7 University of West Alabama AL Pub Gulf South Conference 349,981 1,775 23,221
8 Arkansas Tech University AR Pub Great American Conference 375,519 6,227 20,538
9 Harding University AR Pri Great American Conference 378,132 3,294 33,480
10 Henderson State University AR Pub Great American Conference 278,383 2,334 26,192

Of the three NCAA divisions, D2 is the smallest for softball. The advantage of playing at a D2 college is that they still offer scholarships unlike D3 schools. While the number of scholarships may be fewer than those in D1, D2 softball college programs will likely have less intense demands on players’ time than D1 schools. This means players may be able to consider doing something else other than playing softball and attending class while in college.

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D2 College Softball Locations

D2 is the smallest NCAA division in softball with 283 programs. However, in 18 states there are more D2 programs than D1 and D2 softball colleges outnumber D3 programs in 21 states. Pennsylvania has the most D2 Softball colleges with 22. North Carolina followed with 18 and California 16. There are 13 states with 10 or more D2 softball colleges. Six states don’t have any and another six have only one.

D2 College Softball Scholarships

Softball is an equivalency sport for scholarships which means that one scholarship may be split among several players. D2 softball colleges are allowed a maximum of 7.2 scholarships per team. CSS provides a breakdown by position on how coaches use scholarships in recruiting. You can see a difference in D1 and D2 player characteristics and skill level expectations at AthNet.

Average Expenses per Team

According to the Office of Postsecondary Education (OPE), in 2019 only four D2 softball colleges had expenses of $600,000 or more. This is down from six in the previous year. Given that the 2019 season marks the beginning of COVID, it’s to be expected to see a reduction in expenses for the year.

The Top 10 teams ranked by expenses for 2019:

Davenport University



Concordia University-Irvine



Rollins College



Saint Edward’s University



Texas A & M University-Commerce



Augustana University



Northwood University



University of Indianapolis



Azusa Pacific University



Oklahoma Christian University



A total of 8 colleges had expenses less than $100,000. The average for all teams was $308,047.

None of the conferences had average expenses of over $600,000.

Conferences with Highest Average Expenses

Sunshine State Conference


Lone Star Conference


Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference


Pacific West Conference


Gulf South Conference


Conferences with Lowest Average Expenses

Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association


Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference


Mountain East Conference


Conference Carolinas


East Coast Conference


Graduation Rates for D2 Softball Colleges

The graduation rates for athletes are usually higher than the general student population, especially in non-revenue sports. Yet, schools still don’t make it easy to look up sport specific graduation rates. You can see how to at How to Find Student-Athlete Graduation Rates.

However, this doesn’t mean you should ignore the school’s general graduation rate. Softball can end for a variety of reasons, including injuries or just a desire not to play anymore. In any of these cases, students should have some idea of what their chances are of graduating.

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The average 4-year graduation rate for D2 softball colleges is 34%. It’s 42% for private institutions and 27% for public. Bentley University had the highest 4-year graduation rate at 84%. Saint Michael’s College is the only other institution reporting a 4-yar graduation rate over 80%. Another six schools have rates in the 70s. There are 116 D2 softball colleges where the 4-year graduation rate was below 30%.

Bentley University


Saint Anselm College


Rollins College


Stonehill College


Saint Michael’s College


University of the Sciences


Le Moyne College


Assumption College


Rockhurst University


Colorado School of Mines


The Northeast 10 Conference had the highest unweighted 4-year graduation rate average of 57%. The Sunshine State Conference followed with 48% and the Great Lakes Valley Conference with 45%. Only five conferences had averages of 40% or greater, down from seven the previous year.

How big are D2 softball colleges?

Softball players looking to play at the D2 level will find the majority of colleges to have fewer than 5,000 full-time undergraduates. A little over 60% of the schools are even smaller, with less than 3,000 full-time undergraduates. A total of 43 softball colleges have between 5,000 to 9,999 full-time undergraduates on campus. Only 16 D2 softball schools have 10,000 or more full-time undergraduates.

The type of colleges match the general sizes according to the Carnegie Classifications. Masters Levels institutions account for the majority of the schools for a total of 256. Of the 53 Baccalaureate colleges, 16 are considered Liberal Arts Colleges. A total of 46 D2 softball schools are Doctoral/Professional schools.

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How much do D2 softball colleges cost?

Since softball is an equivalency sport and the maximum number of scholarships D2 softball schools are allowed is 7.2, most softball players need to worry about costs. You need to keep in mind that not all colleges fully fund their scholarships.

The most expensive D2 softball college for the 2020-21 year was Bentley University which had a total cost of attendance of $73,985. Rollins College came in second as the only other school reporting a total cost of attendance over $70,000. The following are the 10 D2 softball colleges with the highest cost of attendance.

Bentley University


Rollins College


Pace University


Dominican University of California


Saint Edward’s University


Stonehill College


Eckerd College


Saint Michael’s College


Adelphi University


Saint Anselm College


Of course, public universities are less expensive than private institutions for those qualifying for in-state tuition. But the costs are still more than most families anticipate. The Colorado School of Mines charges $37,199 for in-state students. The average for all schools reporting was $23,570. The average total cost of attendance for out-of-state students was $32,499. A total of 15 public institutions charged out-of-state students $40,000 or more. One thing to check is if athletes automatically qualify for in-state tuition at public schools.

Total price for in-state students living on campus 2020-21

Total Price Out-State Students 2020-21

Colorado School of Mines



College of Staten Island CUNY



CUNY Queens College



Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania



University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown



Wayne State University



Millersville University of Pennsylvania



Southern Connecticut State University



Indiana University of Pennsylvania-Main Campus



Kutztown University of Pennsylvania



Another thing families should check is the average net price. This is the average price undergraduates pay after deducting all gift aid such as scholarships and grants. In other words, this is the average of how much students actually pay. Some are going to pay more, some less depending on their family income. While these numbers will be much lower than the sticker price, remember where they’re starting from. Bentley’s students received an average of around $30,000 in gift aid. However, it only brings the average net price to $42,759. Families can get a better idea of how much financial aid they’ll qualify for by using the school’s net price calculator.


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283 D2 Softball Colleges and Conferences

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