DIY College Rankings College Baseball Recruiting Resources

This is a guide to the website resources for college baseball recruiting.


DIY College Rankings Baseball Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet with over 1500 four and two-year institutions that have baseball programs.

College Application Tracking Spreadsheet (free)

Spreadsheet to track your college application deadlines. Just sign-up for the up-dates using the box to the left.


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10 Steps to Help Your Child get Recruited by a Coach

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Do You have to Play High School Baseball to be Recruited to Play in College? Part 2

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Do You have to Play High School Baseball to be Recruited to Play in College?

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Strength and Conditioning for Incoming College Freshman Student Athletes

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  1. Sometimes small schools are the best option.

    I am a parent and wanted to tell you about a small school that my Son has attended the last two years and loves it. If you need a school and want to get a chance to play college baseball please look up Florida’s best kept secret Florida Christian College (FCC) a 4 year college. You can earn many degrees that are not seen on the website, call the Registrar for information on how you can earn a major in the field you desire. Visit them at FCC.EDU then click on the athletics page, baseball and fill out the athletic form. Read about all of their accomplishments and give them a shot. My Son did and is very happy. Good luck with your college search!

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